Please read the updated home page. No more sales .....

Carbon Fibre Propellers are only available to special order, MOQ=50 pcs.

Wood Propellers are available through 1 dealer, UAV Inc (USA)

Pro Glass Propellers are only available to special order, MOQ= 1000 pcs.

Clubman Series Propellers production has finished.

Landing Gear & Heli Products have been discontinued.

UAV & OEM Designs to special order only. 

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The below information is largely obsolete - for special orders please enquire via email.  

All prices are A$     (now about US$1.00)

This site has been designed for speed and simplicity. For this reason we have not burdened you with online ordering. However you can order from us.

For orders, please send us an email at , or

Please include full details of the product required, delivery address and payment details and shipping method.

We take Visa or Mastercard. Don't forget to include the expiry date. We will acknowledge the receipt of all email orders (as sometimes spam filters will not let an order get to us).

Post and Packing

We can send orders via most common methods, which in order of speed (slowest to fastest) are:

Australian Shipping

Australia Post (normal AU mail). Slow and no tracking or inurance.

Express Post (EMS). A good choice for value and speed + reliable.

Rest of the world

Airmail  (most small shipments, no tracking and can be very slow)

EMS (Postal system express),  (generally good value and reasonable speed)


We do not use FedEx or UPS as our rates with  DHL are much better. For larger shipments (Sea or Air Freight), we use a local freight forwarding company.

If you request the cheapest shipping method (normal post / airmail), please be aware there is no tracking available, nor will we accept liability for the delivery.

Our minimum P & P fee is $4.40

We will charge you the cost of shipping, plus a minimum of $4 dollars to cover our handling.

Special Requests 

Re special shipping requests, ie your choice of shipping method, special customs descriptions or codes, your own freight company, sending invoices to an alternative address, special packing etc .... then please include these details with EACH order. Do not expect us to remember special requests from your last order.

Re special product requests, ie a request to drill a CF prop to suit a certain engine shaft, then please specify your request, ie what the shaft size is. Please do not assume we know what size your engine's shaft is ... quite the opposite, we will NOT drill anything unless the order is specified. We reserve the right to charge for extra service work performed.

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