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It's simple, if you want the best performance - use a Bolly Propeller.

Carbon Fibre Propellers are available via special order, MOQ = 50 pcs 

Wood Propellers are back in production and are only available through our exclusive USA dealer, no MOQ.

Pro Glass (Injection Moulded) Propellers are available via special order, MOQ = 1,000 pcs 

Landing Gear and Heli Products have been discontinued. Details will be soon be moved to an "archive" page.

* Bolly Carbon Fibre Epoxy Composite hand crafted, solid construction  Propellers, widely regarded as the best performing range of propellers available. Our more recent CAD / CNC versions are unbeatable for both performance and durability, making them perfect for UAV use. MOQ (minimum order quantities) apply.

* An extensive range of great looking CNC machined Wooden Propellers, including many pusher propeller sizes. Special order sizes, especially matching LH / RH props are a specialty.

* The Bolly Pro-Glass Propellers are the worlds best performing injection moulded propellers - an updated version of the old Bolly Clubman Series propellers. Unfortunately the Pro-Glass release was cancelled in 2009. Now only available to special order, and MOQ's apply.



Site update due soon (December 2011).

Back in business. More details to be announced soon.

Bolly Wood Propellers are now available via our USA dealer, Aircraft International.

Several of our Carbon Fibre Propellers are again available. Special orders only, MOQ = 50 pcs

** Currently in production are 24 x 24 and 12 x 8 **

Pro-Glass (ex Clubman Series) Propellers can be supplied to special orders, MOQ = 1,000 pcs


Old News, updated

Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control (late 2008) all production moulds were either stolen, damaged, sold or destroyed - but that's another story. However 95% of our master / patterns were rescued by friends of Bolly, who have made them available to us for future use.

July 2011 - As a new business, we now have the capacity to again make available wood, carbon fibre and injection moulded propellers. UAV Props, Fans and OEM design are a specialty.

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CF Props :  If you are looking for one of our (now out of production) Carbon Fibre propellers, don't forget to try our old dealers - some limited stocks exist.


Bolly Props have been involved with aviation and composites since the mid 70's, and have been making propellers since 1978. Recently we have separated the model and full size aviation divisions. Les Bollenhagen (Mr Bolly) remains with the Model & UAV side of the business, now with the support of several other parties.

Site Updates

November 12, 2011 :           Aircraft International becomes the exclusive supplier of Wood Props.

September 2011 :                Pro-Glass propellers available to special order (MOQ's apply).

July 29, 2011 :                     Wood Props available again. More updates due soon.

Late 2008 / Jan 2009  :        All production moulds stolen, damaged, sold or destroyed by 3rd parties


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