UAV Props, Fans & OEM (inc Design) 

At Bolly, not only do we design, manufacture and sell the products you see on our web site, we also do the same for a huge range of “OEM” customers. Mainly in CARBON Composites, but also injection moulded and wood. Infact we almost sell more products this way than via our own brand name.

What can we do for you …. The range is enormous, here are some examples …

Injection moulded fans. This has been one of our biggest successes. The fan shown has been instrumental (with a lot of other inputs) in helping wine industries to significantly reduce mildew from their grape harvest. An improvement that is worth millions. The fan is estimated to be 30% more effective at spreading anti mildew sprays.

UAV Propellers. Ranging from Carbon Composites through Injection Moulded and Wood propellers in all sorts of shape and sizes from very small up to 60 inch. Our wood prop manufacturing is especially handy for limited production runs, and can readily be made in both tractor and pusher forms.

Our CF propellers can withstand a huge variety of environmental conditions, wear and tear. 

Underwater Submersible propellers. The advantages of carbon epoxy strength and efficiency of Bolly are impossible to ignore for this application. Some of our props have been to 20,000 feet below sea level.

Inflator fans. Fans for inflating hot air balloons.

Wind generator fans / rotors / props. Most of which we are not allowed to show you (customer confidentiality) – which is a pity as some of them are rather neat.

Landing Gear. The biggest being for 1/3 scale aerobatic models, and several others are better know by other brand names.

Canoe paddles. Some of the nicest carbon paddles you will see.

Battery Boxes. Neat clip together carbon mouldings.

Plus much more ......

As we are Carbon Fibre Specialists, and have been for over 25 years (not many can claim that), we are frequently engaged in specialist product development for many new products.

Nowadays we have access to CNC machining at excellent prices which makes many speialist jobs much more viable.

What can we do for you ....


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