Prop balancers in 3 styles, Prop reamers, Drilling Guides, Prop Bushes, Electric Folding Prop Hubs, Spinners (metal and plastic), Prop Nuts, Wheel Axles, Wheels, Caps, T Shirts and Jackets - we have had them all.

Currently (late 2008) stocks are somewhat limites as we re-jig our business.

Stay tuned.

Bolly Brand Accessories

Overseas / Export Customers : Please note the below prices are for local customers and include 10% GST. Export sales are gst exempt, we will deduct 1/11th from your price

Product Description Retail A$
Bolly Cap

Once size fits all - just at the moment we have no sizes at all ....

Bolly Polo Shirt

Sizes M, L, XL, XXL

Drilling Guide 26

For drilling 6 @ 4mm bolt patterns on a 26mm PCD, 8mm centre

Drilling Guide 29

For drilling 6 @ 5mm bolt patterns on 29mm PCD, 10mm centre

Drilling Guide 34

For drilling 6 @ 5mm bolt pattern on 34mm PCD, 10mm centre

Hole Bushes 10

Selection of bushes to fit 10mm hole and a selection of shaft sizes

Wheel Axle Set

To suit Bolly Landing Gear


For some reason - the practice of sending a free logo sticker with every shipment has drifted into decline. We now have a new manufacturer of stickers featuring a white hub centre and the practice will recommence.

Name Brand Accessories

Why make them ourselves when there are some great products already available.

Product Description Retail A$
Fox Prop Reamer - Imp

4 step reamer (Imperial), 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 inch diameters


Fox Prop Reamer - Met

2 step reamer (Metric), 7 and 8 mm diameters

Du-Bro Prop Balancer

Tru-Spin Balancer (DU-499). This is our balancer of choice.

Prather Prop Balancer

Prop Balancer (#3000), simple hand held style, but very effective

Haoye Prop Balancer

Magnetic Style ... one of the few truely effective magnetic types.

Multiplex Folder Hub

Multiplex (#73 3237), alloy hub to suit 13 x 7 EFP, 52mm spacing

Tru-Turn Spinners

We stock a limited range of Alloy 2B spinners (including adaptor nuts)

Du-Bro Spinners

We stock a range of Plastic 3B Spinners

Du-Bro Axles

For attaching our F3A range of landing gear and wheel pants.

Dave Brown Wheels

We prefer the Dave Brown brand of Lite-Flite wheels in our wheel pants

Du-Bro Wheels

We stock a range of wheels to suit our wheel pants


Bolly epoxy resins, fillers, fibres and other accessories related to our past product ranges have been discontinued, although some old stock remains on sale to walk in customers.


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