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It's simple, if you want the best performance - use a Bolly Prop

and our CF props are the best of all.

Carbon Fibre, epoxy composite, hand made propellers are our most famous line of products, and for good reason, these props really do outperform and outlast any other commercially available prop range.

Our props work !!  We have nearly 30 years of experience (Empirical Engineering), intensive testing and design work in collaboration with some of the best modellers in the world. We've put in the effort so that you can receive the benefits. Safety in Strength, Performance to Burn and Low Noise (per rpm).

With such outstanding performance, Bolly propellers help modellers push the boundaries of flying performance every time that they're used. 

Every CF props is now serial numbered and made with strict quality control as per full size aviation.

These are handmade propellers with the aim to deliver performance; hence a shiny gloss finish is not a priority. The Bolly CF prop is made by overpacking the fibres to obtain the optimum strength. After 2 days of post curing at elevated temperatures the prop is then hand finished to a perfect balance. Being a solid prop it will withstand much more abuse than hollow props and is suitable for all conditions.

Bolly Carbon Composite Props are available in 1, 2, 3, 4 Blades     

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All props are factory balanced, matt black with white logo. The options for propellers in glass fibre or unfinished / non balanced and / or special diameter and / or special pitch versions have been discontinued, unless by special arrangement.

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