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Carbon Composite Props : Single Blades

Overseas / Export Customers: Please note the below prices are for local customers and include 10% GST. Export sales are gst exempt, we will deduct 1/11th from your price.

The below (SB) single bladed racing propellers are normally used in a counterweighted spinner / hub ... we do not sell these, and the blades are of course not balanced - until you have matched them with a counterweight of your own making.

The (EFP) "Electric Folding Propellers" are designed to be used as a pair and will be sold as weight matched pairs. There are many different hubs available on the market. At Bolly we have a limited stock of a Multiplex hub which uses a 52mm spacing (hence bigger diameter) between blade axis. A$8.90 ea,


Carbon Fibre Propellers are only available to special order, MOQ=50pcs.

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Product      Std Carbon A$ Description
6.4 x 6.2 SB $25.00

C/L FAI speed, top performer. Uses a 'rectangular' hub to lock into your own counterweight hub.

6.2 x 5.7 SB $25.00

C/L FAI speed, (an extended 6.2'' prop to 7'' if required), 'rectangular' hub.

13 x 7 EFP $25.00

A well performed prop (quoted size is true for 45mm diameter between hub centres)

All props on this page are made with 100% Carbon fibre content. 

Many of our single blade props have been discontinued, old sizes are available by special order.

See  http://www.bolly.com.au/grp/  re prop balancers, reamers, spinners etc

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