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Carbon Composite Props : Four Blades

Bolly 4B props tend to have a narrower blade than most, allowing good diameter to be maintained whilst retaining sufficient rigidity to maintain efficiency. 

Overseas / Export Customers: Please note the below prices are for local customers and include 10% GST. Export sales are gst exempt, we will deduct 1/11th from your price.


Carbon Fibre Propellers are only available to special order, MOQ=50 pcs.

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Product 4B Balanced CF A$ Description

23 x 13 4B


80 - 120cc engines, robust design and winning favour for those needing more speed than the common 10" pitch props.

22 x 10 4B Pusher $128.00

70 - 100cc engines. There are very few (if any) similar size props available for all those UAV and pusher engine projects.

15.5 x 12.5W 4B $84.00

A more "normal" blade width prop for .140 to .180 sports and / or pattern use.

12 x 6 4B $63.00

Popular for many applications, although was originally designed for .60 C/L Stunt, or sports flying with .60 - .80 engines : (70FS)

11 x 10.25 4B $30.00

Available to Special Order Only. Very narrow bladed prop. Ex pattern prop.

11 x 7 4B $59.00

Excellent performing 4B prop for sports models, .50 - .70 engines : (60FS)

9.5 x 6.5 4B $55.00

Popular prop for sports models, .40 - .50 engines : (48 - 53FS). It has been used to good effect in underwater applications.

Special Requests: ie a request to drill a prop to suit a certain engine, then please specify your request, ie what the shaft size is, and in the case of multi bolt hubs what the bolt pattern is and what the bolt diameters are. Please do not assume we know what size your engine's bolt size and pattern is ... quite the opposite, we will NOT drill anything unless the order is correctly specified. We reserve the right to charge for extra service work performed (min $3, max $6). In the past we have offerred a service to modify diameter and pitch - this service has been discontinued.

See http://www.bolly.com.au/grp/ for prop balancers, reamers, spinners etc.

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